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Shiv Tradelinks ever since the development and use of Structural Glazing, Curtain Wall, Stone Cladding, Canopy, Double Glass Glazing, Unitised Curtain Wall, Aluminium Composite Cladding, Partition : Auto Door, Store Front, Spider Glazing, SS Cladding, Skylight and Door / Window products came in as lifestyle products, it has revolutionized every end of the market.

Concentrating the lifestyle products market is has created a niche for its survival, from interiors to exteriors, from building to store and from displays to decor wherever you see the buzzword is glazing.

Shiv Tradelinks is one such company, which belives in innovation, quality and consistency. This factor sets apart the Shiv Tradelinks Products from the league. Shiv Tradelinks is today a well-established company in various countries like United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Africa and other developing countries.

What exactly transpires when innovation & hard work divulges into a unique personality who represent a vibrant and diverse culture of ideas, innovation and inspiration. Yes a person of few words and many actions Mr. Nilesh R. Vora & Chirag R. Vora is favored with lots of ideas, Concepts & more to his brain. But whatever you know or want to know about him, is only through his work. He works tirelessly and single mindedly towards realizing his passion for great design.

Shiv Tradelinks was formed and today it has created its own self-space into the industry by developing architectural and creative products. Shiv Tradelinks working last from 6 years and having an experience from many of the countries. Shiv Tradelinksprovise the quality work for e.g whatever the work is we take care of each and every part of the work given to us even minor items is to be supervised daily. The query of the parties immediately be solved by our person.

Laboratory Tests : Laboratory test if required to be carried out (on Clients request) will charge extra. (This test has to be carried out abroad)

Supervision : There are 12 Supervisiors working in our company . The site will be daliy supervised by our supervisiors.

Status Report : The day onwards our work start at the site ,there will be submitted the daily , weekly as well as monthly status report by E-mail in a mutually arranged manner.

Man Power :
Supervisors : 18
Site In-Charge : 12
Labour Workers : 70

Machinery : Shiv Tradelinks is using the Hi-Tech Machineries ,we only uses the Branded machines i.e Bosch, Hitachi and many others.

Aluminium Sections : Shiv Tradelinks uses the Sections of Banco, Hindalco, Jindal etc as per your requirement.

Bearing For the Window : Shiv Tradelinks uses the bearing of T.P.I , Bearing 696. All materials and finished / fabricated members will be packed, stored and transported in a manner that will prevent damage, distortion, breakage or structural weakening.

Safety : The personnel employed on the project are intensively trained and safety conscious and will ensure installation to proceed safely, to a standard of high order. The project will be manned by a team of qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Curtain Walling in order to ensure safety standards.

Maintenance Manual : On completion of the work a comprehensive maintenance manual out lining procedure and recommendation for regular inspection of components of Curtain Wall and appropriate method for replacing any components, will be handed over to the Client and Architect.

Methodology Statement : Shiv Tradelinks Provide 15 years guarantee to its client on the companies letterhead The project will be dealt in phases, to suit the requirements and sequence of agreed programme, to suit manageable quantities of materials for production, delivery, storage and erection. During Survey if any situation is found, which in our opinion will prevent proper execution of curtain wall work or endanger in permanently, the same will be reported to the client and installation work will be hampered in that area until such conditions are corrected or adjusted satisfactorily.

Contractual Matters : Items of contentious nature ( Site, Office, Electricity, Water, Storage, Scaffolding, Insurance etc ) may be discussed and agreed prior to order being placed and accepted. Before commencement of fabrication a detailed survey of the building structure, will be done by our survey team to ascertain differences between construction drawings and at site measurements and then decide the dimensions of openings of our scope of work. Unless agreed to in the contract our quotation is based on actual quantities and is not a lump sum contract.

Program : The job will be dealt with, in agreed phases and periods. Production cannot commence, until we are in receipt of full and final approval, of our working drawings together with agreement on sizes. Fixing periods are based upon unimpeded and continuous access of work. All information is given in good faith and is based on information available on date.

Production and Delivery : All the materials will be fabricated in our own works, under the supervision of skilled, experienced and technically competent managers, phased to suit the agreed program, and delivered at site. Materials are packed such that damage in transit and on site is avoided. All materials will be identified, so as to their contents and location on site.